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  • Added a project preference to download drivers automatically.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue where the proxy settings could interfere with the systems proxy settings.


  • Fixed an issue where the Chrome drivers did not download, for versions of Chrome higher than v115.
  • Note that the Download driver buttons will not be functional, as they are not required anymore – these will be removed in a future version.
  • Also note that the proxy setting for “Use proxy for downloading webdrivers” is not functional anymore, and is merged with the “Use proxy during web browser tests” option.


  • Fixed an issue where the setPartialTextBuffer action was unable to find the variable name to place the data in
  • Fixed an issue where the Wait – timed pause would open a browser
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when using not-set variables as values in data-driven runs. It used to to replace unknown variables with an empty value, but this should not be the case for variables used in data-driven runs
  • Fixed an issue where the password prompt for project protection would show incorrect, when it is a valid password
  • Fixed an issue where the secrets storage file would not be committed in git-enabled projects.
    This fix requires you to re-enable project protection and optionally remove the current security/__STORAGE file, which is replaced by the security/__STORAGE.jks file


  • Fixed an issue where the Wait – Timed pause action opens a web browser
  • Fixed an issue where the Keyboard – Type text – Clear field option would not clear fields in specific situations


  • Quick drawer
    • Drag and drop all actions, page actions, API calls and data sheets to build the tests
  • Simplified and improved actions
    • Where first there were 90+ actions for maximum flexibility, now only 9 remain with the same customization options
  • Secrets
    • Enable protection to your project and store encrypted secrets safely