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  • Fixed opening the page model from the page-action preview pop-up, if it concerned a filtered result.
  • Fixed an issue where disabled steps were marked as failed in the CLI JUnit report.
  • Placed the full name of page-actions, data sheets, API requests and Database Queries in the hover tooltip inside the step-drawer.
  • Visual improvements.


  • Made it possible to add teststeps by double clicking on them.
  • Add filtered tags of test cases in the playlist overview.
  • Fixed an issue where the test run would not pause/stop after specific failing situations.
  • Fixed an issue where the paginator of data driven tables was not attached correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where test cases would jump to an unsaved state, without altering the testcase.
  • Fixed an issue where the save button did not trigger when adding resources to an API model.
  • Fixed an issue where removing resources from an API model, would not update the front-end.
  • Performance improvements.


  • Fixed an issue where refreshing the page did not reload any model-caching.
  • Fixed an issue where the code editor would not change its data on step editor changes.
  • Fixed an issue where in some situations during step-by-step execution, the next step was not marked properly.
  • Fixed an issue where untouched input parameters were not set to an empty value during test execution.
  • Fixed an issue where the generated CLI command was not working for project paths.
  • Improved performance during a test run.


  • New action API cookie with sub actions to extract information from a API cookie like its value, or its meta-data!
  • Added extra logging for when input parameters are set, when using parameterized page actions, api requests or database queries.
  • Fixed an issue where stopping a test after a failed step, would not trigger. Also renamed this preference setting to a more global name, as it involves more than just browser tests.
  • Fixed an issue where the file chooser on input parameters would not show up
  • Fixed an issue where renaming pages, databases or data sheets from their respective file overview, would not update their models, when opening their models in a tab-view.
  • Minor performance improvements


  • Made improvements on deleting Pages that are not referenced anywhere
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the alt-button, caused performance issues on Windows machines. The edit-view in the test script editor is now mapped to control + e
  • Fixed an issue where it would be not possible to remove folders from the page-objects overview
  • Fixed an issue where the playbook runner would style too big, which made it impossible to use the stop button
  • Fixed an issue where importing a CSV file with decimal floating points, into the data-driven table, would split on the floating point (1,5 would become 5)
  • Fixed some performance related issues
  • Minor dependency patch updates


  • fixed an issue where, in some specific situation, data-driven variables where not replaced by actual values, but instead became empty.
  • Add BIC container generator function in variables with ${bureauOfInternationalContainerCode()}


  • Revamped the front-end UI
    • A new and intuitive design for the test script
    • An advanced test step debugger, to get full control over debug sessions
    • An overview of request-response pairs per test session
    • Tabs in JOSF to have more than one test case, page-action, api request, etc… open at the same time
  • Use of system proxy settings
  • Underwater updates to dependent automation libraries
  • A verified and signed Windows installer
  • Improvements to GIT commit speeds