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  • Multi projects
    • Create multiple projects in JOSF
    • Add existing projects or create new ones to keep your projects separated
    • Your current JOSF project will be added automatically
    • The CLI runner accepts an optional project option, to switch between projects.
  • Groups in groups
    • You are now able to add all types of groups as a step
    • Create groups in page actions, test cases or in step definitions
    • All group types are supported
  • User experience improvements
    • Improved designs to help create test cases more efficient
    • Folder structure for step definitions and API Modelling
  • Other improvements:
    • Upload your license key file from JOSF
    • Toggle test steps or groups of steps on or off
    • When no object is given, the current onscreen active object is used to perform the action on
    • Copy/paste steps and groups from one place to another, even over separate testcases, page actions or scenarios
    • Keep test context open during test case or feature scenario creation