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  • Enable tracking for repeating groups that have a data sheet. Your test reporting now includes all repeated iterations when using a data sheet as a repeating condition.
  • In the API request editor, you can now select what type of data the body is, including the new from-data style.
  • When implementing undefined step arguments containing a <variable>, JOSF will in-place convert these to ${variables}
  • Updated back-end dependencies for some under-the-hood improvements
  • Fixed an issue where API requests, including spaces, where not sent correctly
  • Fixed an issue where very large variable-values where not parsed correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the variable-autocomplete did not save the value in some cases


  • Data base modelling
    • Add your MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server configuration to JOSF
    • Create parameterized queries and execute them from test cases
    • Validate or extract data from your query results
  • API to test case;
    • Upon importing an API definition, you can choose to immediately create testcases, based on each type of response code
    • Create new tests from the API request view
  • API requests now accept input parameters and show these test cases, just like page actions do
  • Advanced playlist filter queries
  • CLI command configurator
  • Every input field now contains a autocomplete for available variables
  • Bugfixes;
    • Fixed an issue where a given JSONPath did not give the same result in the front- and back-end
    • Fixed an issue where duplicating older page actions (before 2.15) was not working
    • Under the hood performance improvements