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  • Data driven reports
    • Select specific data driven runs from your test editor
    • Review each data driven run individually after completion
  • File repository and manager
    • Upload and use files in JOSF
    • Use the file data type to select a specific file in your tests
  • Page object explorer
    • Create and review page actions from your test scripts
  • Rerunning failed tests
    • Rerun any (failed) test script from the playbook run view
  • Typed input parameters for page actions
    • Create building block that help your JOSF user base by guiding them with different types of input parameters:
      • Passwords to hide sensitive data from test scripts
      • Use choice to enable or disable a specific set of test steps
      • Create suggestions to develop test cases and data faster
      • Use code to provide a large text area in the test step
      • Make use of files and file locations with the file type
  • View variables
    • View, edit or favorite your current variables in the test session
  • Power off feature
    • A new power off button to self-shutdown JOSF
  • View logging
    • View any logging that JOSF does from your preferences. Helpful when debugging or requesting support from a JOSF Engineer
  • Drag and drop improvements
    • Be able to drag and drop in and out of (inner)groups or opened page actions from within the test case editor


  • Solved an issue that could occur where in specific situations descriptive groups would not run correctly.
  • Solved an issue where if downloadDrivers was set to false, it still connected to the browser version repository.
  • Performance improvements regarding large playbook runs


  • Added the NTLM authentication method to API requests


  • Fixed an issue where in some cases duplicated page actions did not update the correct variable references.
  • Fixed an issue where the JOSF front-end could get stuck, when using the new option list variable type without any options.