Play list

Each playbook contains multiple playlists. These are used to execute certain test cases in a specific order. Within a single playlist, the test case or scenario execution is undetermined, which mean that you cannot trust one test case to be executed before the next. It is important to understand that test cases should not be dependent to each other. If its important to run a specific test case before another, you can split them up in different play lists. The order of the play list execution is determined and adjustable.

Within a playlist, you can add test cases and/or scenarios by their tags. This means that you can setup a playlist with a certain tag, e.g. “calculation”, and during the start of the play list, it collects the test cases and/or scenarios that fall in that criteria.

This means that you can add new test cases and/or scenarios to the play list by adding the tags to the specific test case/scenario. This way, you can setup your playbook one time, and the test cases will be added automatically, based on the given tag-filters.

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