Chrome WebDrivers are not downloading automatically since Chrome version 116

Note: this only affects JOSF versions 2.16.2 and below. JOSF 2.16.3 includes a fix that addresses this issue.

Since Chrome version 116 the way of downloading WebDrivers has changed. We are working hard on updating JOSF on this part. Once we have a solution we will update this post.

For now there is a work-around. First close JOSF and go to this website to download the correct version of the WebDriver. You can see which version of Chrome you are running by clicking on the three dots in the right upper corner -> Help -> About Google Chrome.

Put the downloaded WebDriver into the following folder: JOSF\api\web-drivers.

The only thing you now have to do is changing the Config file in JOSF, so JOSF don’t automatically download the WebDrivers.

You find the Config file here: JOSF\api\src\main\conf

Set downloadDrivers to false and save the file.

Start JOSF and start testing on Chrome again. I you have any question please sent an e-mail to

The JOSF Team