Install JOSF

The current version of JOSF 2.17.x supports installation on Windows but can be used on other platforms as well.

Windows 10


System requirements

  • CPU: 3.5Ghz (8-core)
  • Memory: 16Gb
  • Diskspace: 30Gb

Automatic installation

Unzip the downloaded JOSF on your machine, open the folder and execute the Install JOSF file. At first, the installer asks if it’s OK to install in at the default location (C:\Program Files\JOSF). If not, press ‘C’ for change, and enter your own path for your JOSF location, e.g.: C:\tools\JOSF. After installation, open JOSF by opening the Start JOSF file from where you’ve installed JOSF.

After installation, you can Start JOSF for the first time!

Note: The automatic installer also set the JOSF Command Line Interface (JOSF CLI) to the path.
Note: JOSF uses Java 8 to run and this is packed with your JOSF installation automatically. The Java Runtime Environment is located at JOSF\api\bin\<<JAVA-VERSION>>\jre.


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