Release of JOSF 3.0

JOSF 3.0.0 is out and it is here with a BANG💥! An entirely new way to use, create and debug your tests with the test script editor, speed upgrades, tabbed views and lot’s more to make your day-to-day testing activities more fast and fun!

Highlights JOSF 3.0

🤗 Introducing a new and intuitive way to create and edit your test cases. This powerful new script view allows you to create, run, and debug your test scripts effortlessly, empowering you to pinpoint and resolve bugs with ease.

🎯With its improved drag and drop mechanism, adjusting the flow of your test has never been this easy.

🗃️ Use the new Tabbed navigation to quickly switch between test cases, page actions or other models that you have!

💻 JOSF 3.0 comes with its own Windows installer. Are you using JOSF in a pipeline or CI/CD environment? Use JOSF’s server variant, to use JOSF on any platform!

Other improvements

  • A major Java upgrade from JRE 8 to JRE 21. When using JOSF in a command line environment, make sure to use the packaged JRE 21 or use your platform provided JRE 21.
  • Speed upgrades when using GIT sync options in JOSF
  • A migration is required, but JOSF automates this process upon opening your project
  • Automatic system proxy
  • Dependent libraries updated to latest versions
    • Selenium: 4.19.1
    • Rest Assured: 5.4.0